House in Charteris Bay, Banks Peninsula, designed with Bespoke Architecture, using SIP panels to maximise the thermal comfort of the house, while maintaining large opening toward the bay and Quail Island.

– YEAR: 2011-2012
– LOCATION: Charteris Bay – Banks Peninsula
– TYPE: Residential
– DESIGN: Alessandro Quadrelli + Bespoke Architecture
– STATUS: Completed
– PHOTO CREDIT: Alessandro Quadrelli

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House in South New Brighton, Christchurch.
Designed around the concept of modular SIP panels forming two simple volumes. They generate by difference the main living space which is an extension of the outdoor garden into the house.

**Showcased on TV3 Grand Designs NZ, episode 8 season 2.**

– YEAR: 2015-
– LOCATION: South New Brighton, Christchurch, NZ
– TYPE: Residential
– DESIGN: Alessandro Quadrelli
– STATUS: Under Construction
– PHOTO CREDIT: Baptiste Marconnet – Alessandro Quadrelli

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The site was previously occupied by a 64 sqm cottage. As the owners decided to upgrade their dwelling, the design response was naturally driven by the need to preserve the outdoor connection and experience they always had, while providing a three times bigger house.
The concept is that two visually separated blocks can generate an in-between space by difference, which can be experienced as a natural extension of the outdoor space to the indoor, maintaining the feeling of the site before. On a further design level, every long perspective from inside the house terminates with a glazed end, giving the feeling of total openness of the house toward the garden outside.
This shared between the landlord and the architect, was the base to develop further sustainability principles to be applied to the South Island Climate.
The house has been designed to maximise its energy efficiency, through a careful location of the bigger opening, their screening through deep eaves or shutters, and the use of hi R-value MgO panels for the walls and the roofs. Due to the large size of window openings the glazing is double or triple depending on its location. The cladding is untreated reclaimed australian hardwood, which, with its own patina, is guaranteed for 40 years durability.